Massage Services

Services are available in 30, 60, or 90 minute increments with exception of the Problem-Area massage which is only available in 75 minute sessions and the Bamboo-fusion massage which is only available in 120 minute sessions.

Signature Massage-Relaxed and Refreshed

Simply an awesome massage! A combination of Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, and deep tissue releases. Firm, but gentle pressure is tailored to your needs, increasing in problem areas and decreasing in sensitive areas. Improve circulation, skin function, and flexibility, ease muscle aches and tension as well as provide deep relaxation and promote overall sense of well being.

Therapeutic Massage

Typically specific areas are concentrated on with the surrounding structures also getting attention. I incorporate a variety of techniques which best suit the client’s needs. May include Swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, warm bamboo, cold stones, and/or use of a percussion massager.

Problem-Area Massage

You have been complaining and I have been listening! Designed as the name implies. Data collected over the years identifying consistent, major concerns for a majority of you! Developed with Dad in mind and initially offered as a Fathers Day special, this massage is sure to take care of those problem areas for everyone! 35 minutes concentrating on the head, face, neck, and shoulders then 25 minutes on the back with application of Polar Lotion, and 15 minutes on the entire posterior of the body(back, hips, legs) with the use of a percussion massager. Truly an invigorating experience you won't soon forget!!

Bamboo-Fusion Massage

Warmed, oiled bamboo sweep over tight muscles kneading them into submission. A luxurious, deep tissue massage with an alternating cold stone/hot bamboo facial treatment(and now added facial microrefiner and moisturizer) and an invigorating 2 step pedi treatment finale.

*only available in 120 minute sessions for the entire routine or can be added by request to other sessions for areas in need of special attention.